Every dollar we raise goes toward our warriors and the training program. We are a non-profit organization that relies on generosity from our supporters. Each year, we help more and more veterans reconnect to the society they fought desperately to protect. As we expand our mission and facility to accommodate more veterans, we need your support more than ever. With your contribution, we can expand our outreach and minister to those who desperately need a helping hand.
The second phase will include construction of the offices and living quarters.
We deeply appreciate donations in the form of material, labor, and monetary contributions. Every donation, big or small, allows us to be one step closer to serving a greater number of our Nation’s Heroes.
We promise to be an exemplary nonprofit organization that operates with respect and dignity. We give careful consideration to every tax-deductible donation given to support our cause.
Thank you for joining our mission,
Adam Keith
Co-Founder & Director

Memorial and Honor Donations

The following service personnel have received donations in their honor or memory.

To have a name added to this list, please include the name of the individual that you would like to honor in the “Dedicate this Donation” section of your donation.

PO Box 31
Flintstone, GA 30725

(706) 944-3699


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