Warrior Freedom Service Dogs Inc considers applications regardless of age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or nationality. WFSD strives to build and maintain a culture that encourages, respects, and celebrates the diverse voices of our staff and clients.

The only program cost to our clients is that of a background check which is ~35.00 and paid directly to the background provider. Clients are not required to participate in fundraising or public relations activities without their expressed and voluntary permission. All applicants/clients have the right for the to leave the process at any time for any reason AND applicants and client are not required to undertake any public relations activities or fundraising work.


*Due to limited resources, we are unable to train Veteran owned dogs for our program.

**WFSD custom selects each dog to match each clients specific needs. Therefore, clients will be moved to Stage 4 Approved Candidate once WFSD has a dog that meets their specific needs.


  1. Canine Care. Client understands that they will be responsible for the care of the Dog at all times. This includes bathing, grooming, dental needs, medical needs, safety needs, etc. WFSD will support all approved medical needs until the Client takes ownership of the dog. Client understands that the Dog may shed and have accidents in their home and in public. Client understands that the Dog is to be kept on leash at all times if not in a fenced yard or their home. Client understands the dog is never to be left outside unattended if the client is not at home. Client understands that they will be responsible for cleaning up after their Dog. Client agrees that they will take full responsibility for the care of the Dog at all times.

  2. Veterinary Care. Client agrees that the Dog will be examined by a licensed veterinarian at least once each year and will receive all vaccinations and treatments as prescribed by a veterinarian.

  3. Dog Ownership and Transfer. Ownership of the dog will be transferred when the client and dog completes all graduation requirements, individual task requirements, attends post graduate training, and maintains the skill level of the dog as shown by recertification testing at the one year mark from graduation. However, if WFSD reasonably suspects or discovers any inhumane treatment of the Dog or other good cause to separate Client and Dog, the Client understands and agrees that WFSD reserves the right to take immediate possession and ownership of the Dog and all equipment/supplies, ID cards, and vest provided by WFSD at any time. If WFSD exercises such right, then Client agrees to immediately relinquish possession and ownership of the Dog to WFSD. If Client voluntarily desires to leave the program and relinquish possession or ownership of the Dog or retire the dog at any time for any reason, Client agrees to turn over possession and ownership of the Dog and all equipment/supplies, ID, and vest provided by WFSD exclusively to WFSD or as directed by WFSD. Additionally, WFSD will contact a member of the Veteran’s family support team and last known mental health provider. This provision shall survive termination of the Agreement.

**Click to view Warrior Freedom Service Dogs, Inc. Grievance Policy**


Become part of a team that strives to be caring, humble, loving, smart, patient, outward-thinking, hard-working, and patriotic.