The program considers applications regardless of race, sex or religion. The only cost to our clients is that of a background check in Stage 4 which is ~35.00 and paid directly to the background provider. Clients are not required to participate in fundraising or public relations activities without their expressed and voluntary permission.

We are currently accepting applications* for 2022.


Stage 1 Qualification Screening

Stage 2 Application Process

  • Online application
  • Paperwork – (DD214, Verification of PTSD, Self-Assessment)
  • Phone Interview

Stage 3 Monthly Open House

  • Expectation Form Signed
  • Review Home Visit Expectations

Stage 4 Kennel Engagement & Home Visit

  • Background Check
  • Home Visit

Stage 5 Admissions Review Team –

  • Final Approval or Disapproval to become a Candidate

Stage 6 Candidate/Dog Training –

  • 8 weeks in duration
  • Twice a week: once in a group and once in individual training sessions
  • Work on individualized tasks specific to Candidates needs

Stage 7 Graduation

  • Candidates & dogs are recognized as an official service dog team.

Stage 8 Post Graduate Check-ups

  • Graduates meet once a month for 6 months then once every other month for 6 months with Head Trainer to refresh service dog team skills.

Stage 9 – Annual Recertification

  • Graduates must recertify as a service dog team yearly through the passing of the PAT

Stage 10 – Ownership Transfer

  • After the first year of recertification, the graduate is awarded ownership of their service dog

*Due to limited resources, we are unable to train veteran owned dogs for our program.

**Click to view Warrior Freedom Service Dogs, Inc. Grievance Policy**


Become part of a team that strives to be caring, humble, loving, smart, patient, outward-thinking, hard-working, and patriotic.